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In your darkness is where I shine

*purveyor of all things strange*

22 July
Long red hair, a beautiful laugh and a book with me at all times is how I present myself to the world. Which is a 100% true but there is a less seen part of me that loves Religion, Magic and Sex.

I have a crafty, crazy fan girl living inside of me. Her fondest wish is to paint the world in dark hues, then dip in all in glitter before the paint dried. We enjoy creating art that pays tribute to favorite characters or themes.

I started by sharing my creations with my friends as Birthday and Christmas gifts. I enjoyed it so much I decided to open an etsy store. By selling my wall hangings and mug rugs, I hope to fund my adventures this year to Wincon.

My Etsy Store

Fandom Obsessions:

Doctor Who
Lie to me
Law & Order: SVU
Star Trek: The Next Generation